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What is your Golfer ID?

We all go through seasons of life when we reflect on who we are and who we want to be. May not happen often, but either way we all have established an identity and a reputation. Have you ever thought how this same concept applies to your golf game? #golferID

In a recent conversation with a local pro, Keith Stilwell the PGA General Manager of Cheyenne Shadows Golf Cub, we discussed this idea. Any golfer, even professionals, can change the way they approach and play the game. Some go from conservative to aggressive and vice versa without knowing why. Others may let their emotions get the best of them. It is important to be centered and know your game and the way you are most comfortable playing. There are thousands of resources available to help us golfers improve and with this I urge you to know your golferID. Reading or watching golf tips can be great, but if you aren’t careful you can get caught up and twisted around at the drop of a golf ball. Let’s explore how to create a golfer ID and how it will help your game!

  1. What are your realistic expectations for your upcoming tee time and especially this upcoming season?

  2. What is the part of your game you are most comfortable with? Think tee shots, short game etc.

  3. Where do you feel least confident? Putting, short game, tee shots, course management etc.

  4. Where are you mentally when you play the best golf?

  5. What are you willing to invest to get better? We all want this, but measure the tangibles. Time spent per week, money on lessons etc.

  6. Realistically, where do you want to improve the most. Pick 1-2 parts of your game.

  7. Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Oriented goals)

This is just a quick list, but it is one that will help you establish your Golfer ID. It will help you know the foundation you have as a golfer. Everyone strives to get better, but too often we skip over the hard stuff. The stuff that lays the groundwork for us to improve. If you want this to be the best season yet, you have to know your game and what you want out of it. Unfortunately dreaming doesn’t get the job done, although it’s fun and we certainly all do it.

So before the next time you play ask yourself the following:

  1. Which way am I most comfortable working the ball.

  2. What’s my current swing thought? (try not to have more than one for the course)

  3. Which part am I least confident? How can I use my strengths to overshadow this area?

  4. What do I want out of today’s round? Follow routines, manage anger, focus on one swing though etc.

  5. Take these answers and keep them close during the round. When a bad shot inevitably happens remind yourself of these answers and push forward confidently knowing your making the right decisions.

Good luck! Know your game, what you want out of it and what you want out of each round!

-Leighton Smith, PGA

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