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Putting, Perspective and Podcasts

We are into April and life has drastically changed for most people around the world. As a golf enthusiast and teaching professional my job and hobby have certainly been thrown for a loop. By reading this blog you can expect to pick up encouragement, indoor golf tips and my thoughts on this pandemic.

Lets start with putting… indoors. I recommend the Birdie Ball indoor putting greens. Specifically, the 4x12 mat with 3 holes cut into it. Also, I recommend getting an Eyeline Golf putting mirror Here. This mirror is something every pro golfer has in their bag. It helps you find the perfect alignment with your putter face, eye line and shoulders. Throw an alignment stick by your feet and you’ll be dropping bombs in no time.

Next, let’s talk about perspective. Gaining a healthy perspective is a skill and a craft just like becoming a filthy good short game player is. It takes work. It takes time and of course takes failing. Maybe COVID19 has affected you drastically or maybe you’re wondering if it ever will. Some people reading this have lost their jobs and ability to feed their families. Some have continued playing golf and some have been on true lock down not playing at all. Whether or not you have 75,000 rolls of toilet paper (come on, man!) or think there is too much hype around this pandemic I want to encourage you to pause, take a deep breath (literally take one, right now) and just take this time for what it is. Regardless of our feelings and opinions, job status or frustration, the sun will set tonight. And it will rise again tomorrow. If you’re a business owner and you’ve had to lay off employees, the sun will set and it will rise again. If you’ve experienced deep pain, loss, stress or anger, let it rest with the sun and trust the faithful example it provides by rising anew each day. Let’ take this a day at a time. Finding a fresh perspective is not always easy and it doesn’t always seem relevant, but let me tell you something…it is. How we act and react affects others. Positivity and encouragement are contagious, but like COVID19 so is fear and hopelessness. We are not hopeless. You know the glasses that can transition from clear lenses to shaded ones? We all wear them, no matter if you have 20/20 vision or not. I’m not saying we need to have rose colored glasses on, I’m just saying to be aware of what lenses you are looking through. What you see may be different from what I see. We all have lenses that can change from day to day. From stress to panic, from careless to curious. Gaining perspective means knowing which lenses you are looking through and pondering what it would be like if you looked through another set of lenses. The beauty is, this works for everyone no matter if your struggling or if you’re doing ‘just fine’.

Okay, I’ll hop off my soapbox and throw out some golf resources for you!

Im offering FREE goal setting sessions via google meetings! Email to book a session.

Podcasts: Something we can listen too while doing anything (or nothing) I Highly recommend these in order to better your golf game!

The Secrets to Winning with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

The Learner Lab with Trevor Ragan

No Laying Up

Golf Guru Show

Golf Science Lab

Stay safe and healthy my friends!

Leighton Smith

Copyright 2020


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