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Play Better or Go Home

We all have that one friend that doesn’t follow through on their commitments. We enjoy spending time with them, but at times we want to shake them and tell them to just communicate better! To not flake out! To text you back! Well, bear with me for a sec. How many times have you said you’re tired of playing poorly? Putting poorly. How many times have you wanted to snap your driver and chuck it in the closest pond? I’m here to tell you to make a choice. Either accept your average play, or make the commitment to get better. Like your annoying friend who you do like, but struggle not to curse at, you need to follow through.

I’ve been a performance golf coach for a while now and I hear so many people complain about the state of their game. My favorite clients are ones who vent, but then they put in the sweat equity. They are the ones who improve the most. They are the friend you can call if you have car trouble. They are the accountable ones. The friend who ignores your calls is the same golfer who complains, but does nothing to better themselves. Which golfer are you? More importantly, which person are you?

Let this be a reminder that your words and your desires have gravity. They affect your reputation, too. They mean something. Put some effort into matching up your desires with what comes out of your mouth. Instead of saying, “I’m tired of not meeting my potential”. Consider pondering for a bit. Think about what you want to put into it in order to reap the benefits. To be clear, this applies to far more than golf.

I am not always the best at following through on my desires, but man, I want to get better at that. Hold me accountable. If you want to get better at golf, let me know and be sure I am going to hold you accountable. Especially if you pay me to tune up your game. I don’t mess around.

Here’s to keeping it real!


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